FCC’s “Net Neutrality” Proposal Would Alter the Internet for the Worse by This Summer — We Can’t Let it Happen

image of a net neutrailty protester poster that says No Payola for the Internet, outside of the Google offices

Think back to the cesspool that MySpace had become in 2008.

Now imagine if MySpace — that MySpace — were the #1 website in the world.

But that’s ridiculous, you say. MySpace sucked, didn’t innovate, and had a terrible business plan. It had no chance of succeeding long-term, especially not against a smart upstart like Facebook!

Except that MySpace did have one thing going for it, at least for a short time, that no other social network had: gobs and gobs and freaking gobs of money.

And that mighty money might have been enough to keep MySpace in the social media catbird seat if the Internet back in 2005 had operated under the FCC’s proposed “new net neutrality” rules, which could be enacted as soon as this summer.

Yes, imagine a world in which your online life is still dominated by MySpace. Do you feel your retinas burning from the flashing gifs on the lime green page backgrounds? Ladies, are you done sorting through the hook-up requests in your message inbox?

This is why we must fight to maintain net neutrality — real net neutrality … not this potentially new bastard love child “net neutrality” born from the political fornication between massive telecom conglomerates and an FCC chairman whose previous experience (go figure) was to … wait for it … lobby on behalf of the industries he’s now in charge of regulating.

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Here’s One of the Most Important Lessons I’ve Ever Learned (I’m Terrible At It)


This is one of the essential life lessons of Dale Carnegie’s that everyone should remember.

Goodness gracious, he sure had a lot them, several of which were included in today’s Copyblogger post by Andrew Schrage.

I still remember listening to the audiobook of “How to Win Friends and Influence People” during a drive from Miami to Jacksonville. I’m not sure I’ve ever learned more from a book. (And it’s time to make another pass through it.)

As for names … I’m terrible at them. It’s one of my flaws as a human being.

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Stop Trusting Your Gut

Image of two guys walking alone in the woods, seemingly lost

Trust your instincts.

You’ve heard it. You’ve said it. Hell, I said it on the most recent episode of The Lede.

We’re wrong, so says Dan Ariely, a double Ph.D in business administration and cognitive psychology. He knows a thing or two.

I recommend you watch this four-minute video (via MarketingExperiments.com). At a minimum, skip below for the two money quotes that made me slap my own face.

Quote #1:

If you try only the things you think will work out, you never have the ability to learn — at least not that well.

Quote #2:

Doubt yourself, have a bit more humility, then test.

Bottom line: we need to stop thinking we have all the answers … even when we’re really sure that we have all the answers.

Pride often gets in the way of that; humility is the antidote.

Image credit: Caleb George Morris via Unsplash

How to Make the World a Better Place


[Author’s note: This is the third installment in my Life Lessons in 250 Words or Fewer essay series. It includes short essays, like this one, that are no more than 250 words … plus an accompanied reading.]


I do not rubberneck at car accidents while I am driving.


I don’t remember the exact moment I made up my mind to never do this. At some point I just became overwhelmed by the cumulative effect of 20-minute highway delays being caused by car after car slowing down so that nosy drivers could get passing glances at the misfortune of fellow motorists.

Oh, those inconsiderate curious craning necks.

Yet who am I? I am but one driver.

And in the midst of traffic, my singular act of protest never seems to result in more rapid movement for me or anyone else around.

So what’s the point?

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3 Tips That Might Make You Some Money on Super Bowl Sunday


Super Bowl Sunday represents the last chance to partake in the unique brand of fantasy football fun that is Rivalry Games Fantasy Football.

If you are unfamiliar, I already wrote about how I turned $70 into $288.50 over just two weekends playing Rivalry’s app-based fantasy football game during the NFL playoffs.

Side note: Those of you haven’t yet played, I suggest you download the app for the iPhone (or Android) and then use the deposit code MIDWEST50 to get up to a $50 deposit match.

If you are familiar, and if you are planning to play some cash games during the big game tomorrow, here are three quick tips — about the three least glamorous positions on your roster — that could be the difference between winning and losing your matchups tomorrow.
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Broken Promises


[Author’s note: This is the second installment in my Life Lessons in 250 Words or Fewer essay series. It includes short essays, like this one, that are no more than 250 words … plus an accompanied reading.]


“Stay on the line for amazing customer service!”

The perky, caffeinated, infuriating voice on the other end of the line begged.

Actually, I’ll be the judge of that.

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