Do You Use Gmail? This Free Plugin Will Tell You When Your Sent Emails are Viewed


Quick tip today.

I stumbled upon this app last week. It’s called Streak, and it describes itself as “CRM in your inbox.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Here’s the hook: if you’re a Gmail user, you can quickly install the free browser plugin … and after a few setup steps you’ll be able to know the second your sent emails are read.

Not only that … you’ll learn¬†where¬†they were read and what device they were read on.

Go get it here:

I’m sure the app does a whole bunch more cool stuff too; I haven’t taken the time to look. Knowing that someone has read an email, and how many times they’ve looked at it, is enough of a benefit for me to give it a try.

If you decide to install it, let me know what you think. So far it’s worked exactly as described for me.

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  1. says

    These email tools are totally creepy, I was using Toutapp recently and it lets you know when they viewed your email and from where and how many times they come back and view the email again AND if they clicked any links in it, awesome for outreach. I hope my boss doesnt find out about this :/

    Toutapp isnt free though so I’ll check this one out next.

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